February 14, 2017

15 Mini Makeovers for Your House That You Can Do Right Now

By Melissa Cowa Via:: Houzz

The start of a new year often comes with good intentions to declutter, reorganize or revamp your home. These goals can be overwhelming and hard to quantify if they’re left broad and vague. Instead, try some specific and achievable tasks that will help refresh your home and give you a sense of renewal. Simple things like organizing your pantry or framing some art can have a surprisingly big effect on how you feel in your space. Here are 15 mini makeovers to try.

1. Reposition your art. When your artwork has been in the same spot for years, you can become blind to its beauty. By repositioning it, you bring it to your attention again. Before you move pieces, get someone to help hold them up in the desired spot so you can get a feel for how they look. You might be surprised by which artwork combos look good and which don’t.
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