January 23, 2017

6 Easy Design Resolutions That Will Bring You Joy (6 photos)

By Becky Harris Via:: Houzz

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions that revolve around the home sound good on paper. But all that cabinet and closet organization, calling up repair people, filing papers and checking to see what sparks joy can be a real drag. This year I’m going for really easy stuff I know will spark instant joy. I promise these are all easy to accomplish and require no tools.

Resolution 1: I will have family dinners. Gathering for meals is one of the best ways to stay connected with the ones you love, and this goes for singletons too. If you don’t live with family, make it a point to get together with close friends at home (what Bridget Jones referred to as her “urban family”). I often host but I can’t cook, so I supply the wine and cheese, the kitchen my cook friends love to use and a cozy table, and they organize cooking the meal. Then I’m on cleanup duty.

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