7 Ways to Decorate Your Walls When Painting Is Not an Option

If you’re renting your home, painting the walls might not be an option. But that doesn’t mean your walls have to stay bare. Wall coverings and wall decor — such as bold temporary wallpaper and simple pieces of art — can give your room new life with little labor. Here are seven ways to dress up your walls — no paint required.


1. Commit to a less permanent wallpaper. Wallpaper adds color and interest to rooms, but traditional wallpaper may not be a possibility for your rental. If you want that all-over look without breaking the rules, consider temporary wallpaper. Many temporary papers are peel-and-stick, making installation and removal a breeze.

Wallpaper colors and designs can inspire your choices for furniture and room accents, pulling together the entire room’s design.  Read More

This article first appeared on Houzz.com