8 Low-Cost Changes That Could Help Sell Your Home

When deciding to sell a home many homeowners shy away because they may think that selling means expensive remodeling to get it ready.  In reality, sometimes it’s not the major renovations and upgrades that many buyers notice.  Below are some cost-effective ways that you can improve your home to get it ready for sale inside and out.

1. A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place

When looking for a new home many buyers want to know that their stuff is going to “fit”.  Whether your home has plenty of storage or only a few shelves here and there make sure that anything that shouldn’t be seen isn’t (i.e. shoes, papers, coats…) and is put away.  When space is really tight think outside the box and re-use other spaces for storage including the garage and under the beds.


2. Clean Thoroughly – Including the Appliances

Nothing is worse than a buyer walking through a home and noticing grease from last nights dinner on your stove.  Remember to clean the stove, sink, microwave, refrigerator and even the washing machine, dryer and all other appliances you’re including in the sale of the house.

3. Get Rid Of Blemishes

Over time walls easily display dirt, age, chips and dents.  Remember to touch up scuff marks, spackle nail holes and paint cracks in every room.  If you’re a fan of wallpaper make sure that it isn’t peeling or remove it and repaint in a neutral color.

4. Clean Up the Exterior

The first thing buyers will see when they drive up is the condition of the front of the exterior and landscaping – hence the term “curb appeal”.  Make sure that you keep your lawn, bushes and trees trimmed, check for and remove debris in gutters and fix any damage to the siding, stone or stucco.  Remember to also fix or get rid of any broken or damaged lawn furniture.

5. Check Every Single Entrance and Exit

Remember that most buyers will notice more than the front door (inside and out).  Visually, doors can create quite and impact.  Repair or update any missing or broken door handles, fix blemishes, replace hinges and knobs, and replace old double swing or solid-core doors.

6. Watch Your Step

As people come in and out of your home they will undoubtedly look down and notice the condition of the floors.  Clean or replace stained or ragged rugs, polish and/or replace scratched floors and repair or replace broken tiles in ceramic or stone floors.

7. Don’t Overpower Your Home With The Wrong Scent

No one likes to walk into a home and leave remembering the overwhelming scent of old gym bags, garbage or pets.  Oftentimes we tend to forget that we may be immune to scents that tend to linger in our home and may not be aware of the strong smells scaring off buyers. Always remember to clean out litter boxes, groom your animals, disinfect and banish stinky sports equipment and gym shoes to the basement or garage and throw out anything in your fridge that could be viewed as a science project.

8. Check Nooks and Crannies

While you may no longer notice the crooked drawer in the kitchen or the missing hinges from the bathroom cabinet your buyers definitely will.  Of course, you may not be able to afford new cabinetry but fixing or replacing hinges, replacing stripped screws and electric socket plates are relatively cheap.