February 16, 2017

8 Rooms With Staying Power

By Karen Mills (Interiors by Design, Inc.) Via:: Houzz

Is there such a thing as home decor that looks current for decades? The reality is that in interior design, as in fashion, styles change. Still, there are strategies you can follow to avoid creating a too-trendy home that you will tire of sooner than you like. Read on to see eight rooms with timeless appeal and to learn how you can apply their ideas in your own home.

1. Formal and contemporary. This room shows how a mix of furniture styles can work together in a single room. Notice that the style of the armchairs is more formal and traditional, while the large painting and waterfall coffee table are more contemporary. The artful branches in the vase offer a casual vibe — think about how they look compared with a traditional floral arrangement — creating a pleasant contrast with the formal upholstered chairs.

Takeaway tip: Mix furniture styles for a collected feel that defies a specific time period. Blending pieces that don’t all come from the same time period or design style can help a room look fresh for a longer time. By contrast, choosing furniture and accessories that come from a single era — whether it’s midcentury or early Colonial — definitely ties that room to a specific time period. While that’s ideal when you’re going for a retro or nostalgic vibe, it’s something to be aware of if you want your room to be harder to pin down in terms of when it was designed.

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