December 20, 2016

Adding An Outdoor Fireplace: What To Choose And What You’ll Spend


Depending on where you live, outdoor living could be a year-round reality. Or, maybe once December hits, the backyard is generally off-limits until the first signs of spring. But, no matter what your address, an outdoor fireplace can bring added enjoyment to your home, extend the usability of your outdoor space, and maybe add some value to at the same time.

One of the benefits to outdoor fireplaces is “their ability to add extra square footage to your living space by becoming an extension of your home’s interior,” said TMS Architects. “To enhance this effect, continue the style and color scheme you have used in your home and provide ample comfortable seating.”


The cost of your outdoor fireplace will vary widely depending on what you choose. The first consideration is whether you want something prefabricated, which will start at a much lower cost and not require construction, or prefer to go custom. According to, a professionally installed outdoor fireplace can run a good $20,000, but expect the cost to climb even higher depending on the scale and materials.

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