October 14, 2016

Does Color Really Matter When Selling Your Home?


The answer to that question is a little more complex than a yes or no answer.   Each of us are individuals.

We all have favorites colors.  Some like vibrant colors, some love neutral tones, and some love the black and whites.   Each to their own liking.



However, when it comes to selling your home, choosing colors that will please the masses is what you need to consider.   While your home may be full of bright colors that you love, having a different color in every room is not recommended.    Perhaps you love the bright red kitchen and dining room, a buyer may not think much of it and it could be a turn off for them.

If color is what you love, then use it and love living in those colors, but when it comes to selling your home, you should seriously consider painting those rooms to a neutral tan or soft grey to appeal to buyers that are considering buying your home.

Some colors can diminish the amount of natural light that comes in and make it appear darker and less inviting.   Or a bedroom that is hot pink that may not be the right choice of color if they have a boy.

Hallway and entrance door in yellow.


You may be saying, well if they don’t like it, they can change it.   Very true, but you wouldn’t want to lose a buyer because of the color a room is painted and you wouldn’t want them to choose another home similarly priced over yours.

Take the time to go online, look at other homes in your neighborhood to see how yours compares.

Paint is a quick fix, but many buyers want a move-in ready home and don’t want to invest the time or money to make those changes.   Additionally, it is highly appealing to buyers when a home is freshly painted.

The idea is for you, the seller, to create an environment that a buyer can visualize themselves living in.

A place of calmness, relaxation and their family can unwind and enjoy.