January 24, 2017

How to Design a Low-Maintenance Garden (12 photos)

By Lauren Dunec Design Via:: Houzz

The most common request that I, as a garden designer, receive from clients is for a low-maintenance garden. While I may be quick to point out that no garden is no-maintenance, there are indeed some strategies for cutting down on garden chores. Here are 12 ideas to set up your garden to spend less time weeding, mowing and mulching, and more time enjoying the space itself.

1. Create outdoor living areas. Extend your living space and options for entertaining in warm weather with outdoor dining areas, lounges and seating nooks around fire pits. Patios, decks and terraces cut down on planting space and lawns to maintain. Not only do these gathering spaces tempt you to be outside enjoying your garden more often, but they also generally require less maintenance than garden beds.

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