Family First Temecula

Temecula has developed into a very successful City. Our high quality of life is the result of hard work, compassion, inclusiveness, determination and a shared vision of excellence by engaged community members, dedicated civic volunteers, vibrant businesses and, MOST OF ALL, strong families. Our accomplishments have been, and continue to be, proudly achieved in a City with heart by placing family first and building partnerships that are as strong as a family. We are proud to be a family-friendly City. Families are the heart of Temecula with unwavering strength that begins at home and extends out into our community. It is “Family First” in Temecula; and our Temecula family is growing and thriving with opportunities for everyone.

FAMILY FIRST Temecula is being highlighted because we are proud to be a family-friendly city!  People from all over move to Temecula because it offers a fantastic quality of life for our families and we are continuing to move our city forward in this way!

State of the City Address
from Mayor Mike Naggar


Family First Stick’ems For Your Family-Friendly Business!

What does being a FAMILY FIRST Temecula business mean?  One simple thing: You care about the families in Temecula – that’s all!

The FAMILY FIRST Temecula logo ‘stick’em’ is popping up in the windows of Temecula businesses, including the Promenade mall!  The stick’ems are simply window clings, not stickers, that cling to your stores window and are easily removed.

If you provide services, employ residents, work, manufacture or sell a product in Temecula you care about FAMILIES in Temecula.  So showcase your business today as being a FAMILY FIRST business!

Get your stick’em free* at the front desk of City Hall and place it in a prominent place on your window.

*One per customer and FREE while supplies last!

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