January 4, 2017

Home Buyers, Sellers & Borrowers: Do You Do Too Much Work?

By pjwade@thecatalyst.com (PJ Wade) Via RealtyTimes.com

Buyers and sellers can overwhelm themselves by doing work – and yes, searching out online listings and viewing houses or condos is work – that should be done by trained real estate professionals.
Buyers, bitten by the “gotta find it fast” bug, want to see every listing. The result is that they swamp their brains with home-searching details collected online and off. Stress and mental exhaustion arise because they are not trained to quickly evaluate the pros and cons of a property on one short visit or from a succinct listing the way professionals are. Nor are buyers practiced at keeping the details of dozens of properties straight. Buyers are intently looking for “the one” and all the rest represent “time wasted.”

Sellers are often doing overwhelming double duty.

They want to know all about the neighborhood competition, so they can disregard those competing listings. Sellers look for confirmation that their home is “the one.”

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