Home Staging: Dressing Your Home For Success

In today’s market homes are taking much longer to sell than they did previously.  Buyers are more selective about what they buy and are now able to take their time in choosing a home that is just right.  With so much competition it is critical that the home is seen in the best possible light.  You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

This is where home staging comes in.  Home staging is the practice of making improvements to a house that is going on the market to increase its selling power.  When you list a house for sale, as much as you love it, your home becomes a product.  Just like any other product, buyers will compare it to other products (other homes on the market) of the same size, price, etc.  Your home needs to stand out from the competition.

An important distinction between staging and decorating a home is that the goal of decorating is to personalize a space, whereas the goal of staging is to depersonalize it.  When sellers have too much furniture, too much clutter, and too much of their own unique tastes and interests on display in a home, potential buyers have a hard time looking past all that and envisioning themselves living there.  Staging ensures a good first impression for potential buyers and buyers can easily see the features of the home without being distracted by the owner’s “stuff”.  Staging can be very inexpensive.  Maybe it will just take removing excess furniture or rearranging furniture so everything flows from room to room.  Remember, less is more!

With the assistance of an accredited home staging professional who ha a passion for making homes look beautiful, they can transform a home utilizing and rearranging the wonderful things you have accumulated over the years.  The goal is to create a space that is balanced and harmonious while reflecting the best features of the home rather than your personal style.

Once the decision has been made to sell, owners must be ready to shift from how they live in the home to how their home should appear when offered for sale.  By making your home more pleasing and attractive, it appeals to a broader base of potential buyers.  Understanding that by creating an illusion and “dressing” the home for sale can mean the difference between a buyer choosing your home over others on the market.  Remember, it’s “showtime” every time a potential buyers walks through the door.  Giving your home the best possible appearance is critical in this highly competitive market.