How To Make the Most Out Of Your Small Backyard

Small backyards present many challenges when deciding on what you are able to add them.  Whether you’re the kind of family that enjoys having company and large bbq’s during spring and summer or a family that likes to keep in private there are many ways you can decorate your yard to get the most out of your space.

  1. Install A Deck
    Sunny Back Deck
    This can be a very quick and natural way to give small yards more space and adds two levels to your yard which can be great for having separate cooking and dining spaces.  TIP:  Lay boards diagonally rather than straight to optimize square footage.


  1. Hang Plants and Boxed Gardens
    Instantly save on ground space while still enjoying the color and fragrance of flowers and shrubs.  Optimize walls, windows, and roofs by installing shelves and hooks to hang potted plants, flower boxes or even vertical gardens.  This allows for ample room for trees, dining and bbq space, water features or other decor that you may have trouble fitting in otherwise.


  1. Use Smaller Furniture
    If you aren’t planning to hold huge parties in the backyard, then you should buy smaller furniture. Instead of couches, buy loveseats and chairs and rather than a long rectangular chair, you might consider a circular table. By having smaller furniture on your deck, patio or in the backyard, there will be more space available for movement and other decor. You might also consider having an awning over the furniture, whether it’s a simple fabric awning or an extension of your roof, so you can enjoy the furniture during inclement weather.


  1. Keep It Simple & Uncluttered
    While you’re limited in square footage, this does not mean you should try and fit every single flower, shrub and tree you can. Otherwise there will be overgrowth, and maintenance will be difficult. Instead, you should keep the landscape design simple. Focus on the essentials of the backyard: grass, some shrubs and flowers artfully placed throughout. You can organize it better by installing flower beds and potted plants for easier management.


  1. Go Bold On Your Color Scheme
    Reds, blues, purples, oranges and yellows are perfect for bold, color-rich outdoor schemes.  Don’t have a lot of money to spend on new outdoor furniture?  No problem, pick up some paint and refinish the furniture you do have to make your backyard feel like a heavenly garden.


  1. Add Visual Fencing

    While you may want a little privacy in your backyard, installing a visual fence is a sure-fire way to make your outdoor space seem bigger.  Designs like picket fencing, lattice or chain link help accent any yard by allowing sunlight to show through.  Consider other fencing materials such as wood or vinyl to give your yard a natural appearance.