October 22, 2016

Kitchen Renovations That Will Give You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck


Via:: RealtyTimes.com

For some, the idea of a kitchen renovation is thrilling. They can’t wait to get in there and rip out countertops, replace or paint cabinets, and choose shiny new finishes. Others just had a small anxiety attack upon reading the words “kitchen” and “renovation” together.

The idea of redoing a kitchen, especially if it involves demolition and you don’t know what surprises await behind the walls, can be scary. And whether you’re approaching a renovation with enthusiasm or something more closely resembling abject terror, you still want to make sure you get the value out. Those countertops might be gorgeous, but you’ll probably love them even more if they bring in good ROI.

Mosaik Design reports that the national average of an 83% ROI, and the best way to achieve the max is to “focus on kitchen upgrades that are energy-efficient, reasonably priced, and low-maintenance.” That’s especially important if you’re looking to sell your home sometime soon.

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