July 11, 2016

What To Leave and What To Take When You Move

Buyers have expectations of what comes with the home they are buying. Sellers have expectations of what they will take when they move. This can become a problem and sticky situation if both have different views of what goes and what stays. Communicating with your Realtor is important when it comes to this subject. Sellers can specifically exclude certain items that they want to keep; which will be communicated to the buyer.


Leave custom built-in items such as shelves and desks.

In general, here is what should remain when you sell your home:

  • Built-Ins – Any built-in cabinets, furniture, bars, bunk beds, bookshelves
  • Landscaping – All the trees, shrubs, rose bushes, plants, planted flowers
  • Wall Mounts – Wall-mounts for TV’s. Removing the wall mounts may damage the wall
  • Custom-made Items – Plantation shutters, window blinds, custom drapes
  • Hardware – Door knobs, drawer handles
  • Alarm Systems – Leave the alarm systems and keypad
  • Smoke Detectors – Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems should stay
  • Light Fixtures – Pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces. If you have one you love and want to take, be sure to inform your Realtor when listing the home.

Take outdoor furniture.

Now, here’s what you can take:

  • Outdoors – Patio furniture, lawn equipment, play sets (be sure to specific you are taking it when listing your house)
  • Refrigerators – You can take your refrigerator as it is not built-in, however, built-in refrigerators must stay
  • Barbeques – If they are not built-in, you can take your BBQ. Built-ins must stay along with any appliance attached to it.
  • Rugs – Throw rugs and area rugs can be taken

Good communication is the key to avoiding any misconceptions. Be open with the Realtor if there are items you want to keep. They can exclude items in the listing document. Remember, everything is negotiable.


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