December 22, 2016

Pack a Punch by Pairing Your Wallpaper and Trim

Via:: Houzz | By Jess McBride

Wallpaper can add a combination of pattern, texture and sophistication that’s hard to achieve with plain old paint. But if you opt for wallpaper without considering the color of your baseboards, crown moldings and window trim, you may be missing out. Choosing the right shade for your trim can enhance your wallpaper’s power in a room. Here are nine wallpaper and trim pairings to get you started.

1. Bold black. In 1850, when Andrew Jackson Downing published The Architecture of Country Houses, a detailed study of contemporary British design tastes, he found that baseboards were almost always painted black to hide dirt, and that the trim was always darker than the walls. Today, choosing a trim color for a black-and-white wallpaper seems like a no-brainer: Just choose white, the way we do for everything else, right? Not if you want the greatest impact, it turns out. Black trim will add…

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