February 10, 2017

Reclaim Wasted Space And Create A Fun And Functional Space

Real estate is valuable so it pays to reclaim wasted space by clearing out a room or basement that has become a dumping ground. Get creative and make a new fun or functional room.

There are endless possibilities for your reclaimed space. Remember that rooms don’t have to be used for what they were originally intended. For example, if your seldom-used dining room is gathering dust and junk, turn it into a play room, family room or games room instead.

If you have family and friends who like to come and stay, a guest room is the obvious option for a spare bedroom. Create a comfortable hotel-like room that in addition to the obvious bed, bedside tables, dresser and hanging space for clothes, has extras such as an arm chair, a coffee station, a supply of plush towels and a basket of toiletries. You may want to add a television and a supply of DVDs.

However, if you only have overnight guests occasionally, you may want the room to do double duty so it will not go unused between stays. Try using a Murphy bed instead of a regular bed so it can be lifted out of the way when it’s not needed. Add bookshelves and a desk so the room can be used as a home office.

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