January 18, 2017

How to Save Your Plants From Frost

By Lauren Dunec Design Via:: Houzz

When winter begins to lift and the tender shoots of perennials emerge, an overnight frost can quite literally nip new growth in the bud. Even in mild-winter regions, frost can have damaging effects on cold-sensitive garden favorites like citrus trees, bougainvilleas, fuchsias, salvias and succulents. Luckily, many plants can be saved from harm when the temperature dips below the freezing point (32 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius) with a few simple precautions.



Check the forecast. In early spring (or throughout winter in mild climates), pay attention to weather forecasts. For nights when a freeze is predicted, gather basic supplies, such as frost blankets (available at nurseries) and stakes, or invest in more expensive cold frames and cloches.

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