October 11, 2016

Stop Taking Your Own Photos And Other Real Estate No-No’s That Could Sink Your Home Sale

Don't take your own photos.

Don’t take your own photos.

Selling a home has its challenges. Maybe the couple across the street just listed their house, which you know has an amazing, redone kitchen that makes your dated kitchen seem even more sad. Maybe values on your street or in your neighborhood aren’t appreciating the way you want them to. Or maybe you’re getting transferred and you have to sell – and find something new in your future city – in what seems like an impossibly short amount of time.

Whatever the circumstances, you want the sale to go as smoothly, and take place as quickly, as possible. So don’t do this stuff. Really. Just don’t.

1. Don’t take your own photos

How important are house photos? Many buyers won’t even look at a listing that doesn’t have them. Ditto for poorly taken photos that don’t adequately show the home or photos that are just so bad they’re shared online for all the wrong reasons.
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