The Appeal of Going Tiny – Why We’re Fascinated with Tiny Houses

Tiny homes are taking over.  With these 300 square foot dwellings taking over the airwaves we’ve noticed that people are not only happy, but downright excited to live in spaces that would normally make the size of the average kitchen seem humongous in comparison.

So why is the idea of tiny living so popular?

Going Green

The typical American single family home is anywhere from 1200 square feet to 2600 square feet.  This correlates to an annual CO2 emissions of 8,049 pound per household.  For many that wish to reduce their carbon footprint this means downsizing – a lot!  Joining the ‘Tiny House Movement’ allows the average family to build less, reduce heat and cooling costs and allow your home to be completely powered by solar energy at a fraction of what it costs to power a traditional home.  Tiny homes also help reduce water consumption and in parts of the country where droughts are a big concern this can be an attractive alternative to most.

Financial Concerns

With most Americans spending roughly 1/3 to ½ of their monthly incomes on mortgages the desire for financial freedom has become more important than ever.   When comparing the average price of a home in the United States to that of a tiny home the difference is huge!


As you can see from a budget standpoint a tiny house seems to make sense.  When factoring in other expenses such as down payment, interest, insurance, taxes, and maintenance the tiny house wins every time.  What does this mean for the average family?  It could mean financial freedom and a life where you’re not house poor, can afford to travel, send your kids to private schools or save even more for retirement.

Simplicity & Maintenance

As homes in the U.S. get larger the size of American families has actually gotten smaller.  Many smaller families may decide that the additional square footage a traditional home provides is not needed and therefore is excessive and wasteful.  The Tiny House Movement has thus become a rebellion, of sorts, against excess.  The desire to keep things simple and maintenance free are among the obvious benefits on tiny living.  if your home is only 300 square feet there is only so much “stuff” you can accumulate and store and therefore have to keep clean.  Necessary repairs to the home over time are also diminished in not only time but cost.

Are you fascinated with this movement?  You can read more about Tiny Living and the lifestyle here.