December 6, 2016

The Ultimate Last-Minute Guide To Making Your House Guest Ready For The Holidays


Via: Realty Times

It never fails. You have weeks, or even months, to get your house in order before family arrives to celebrate the holidays. But now it’s days, or even hours, before their arrival, and well, you’re nowhere near ready. Heed a few tips to get your house in great shape before the family descends on you.

Know where to go

You don’t need to deep-clean every inch of your house. There are lots of places your guests will probably never venture, and you can always close the doors to rooms you don’t plan on using.

“Stick to the bathroom your guests will use, along with the kitchen and dining or entertaining area where your guests will spend most of their time,” said Angie’s List. “Skip areas of the house or rooms your guests won’t see, such as second-floor hallways, bedrooms and your home office.”

Make your cleaning products work for you

Maximize your time by spraying your toilets, baths, showers, and sinks and then leave to do something else. Come back after a few minutes and wipe clean.

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