February 13, 2017

Winning Playhouse Designs Go From Concept to Reality

By Bryan Anthony Via:: Houzz
PlayHouzz winner: Edgardo Jörge-Ortiz
Project: Explore Adventure
Charity: Families Forward Philadelphia

Last May, Houzz and the American Institute of Architects announced the winners of PlayHouzz 2016, a playhouse design contest open to the Houzz community. The five most popular designs have now been built and donated to charities and nonprofit organizations benefiting children around the country. Whether kids want to pretend to be pirates on the high seas or create their own adventure out of plush fabric and Velcro-covered noodles, these playhouses will provide endless hours of inspiration and fun.
Architect Edgardo Jörge-Ortiz’s winning playhouse concept received the most likes from the Houzz community and was approved by the contest’s advisory board of architects and builders.

With the help of the design-build team at Kole Made, Jörge-Ortiz’s concept playhouse was turned into a real play structure that now graces the courtyard of the emergency shelter run by Families Forward Philadelphia.

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