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Norm Richards
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I recently relocated to the Temecula Valley from Orange County because I was inspired by the community’s friendly residents, natural beauty, and great mix of entertaining activities.  A great way to get to know me is to have me answer a few of your questions;

How do you know the Temecula market?

Prior to moving here, I spent over 18 months on a daily basis scouring the multiple listings of all available homes.  My time included researching the different communities and actually visiting/previewing hundreds of homes.  I observed how quickly well priced homes sold, and to my dismay, had numerous offers denied.  The positive results are, I am now very familiar with the many communities here and what buyers are willing to pay for a home in each community.  Furthermore, I have worked with many real estate agents from a buyer’s perspective and will utilize these relationships when negotiating for my clients, both buyers and sellers.

What is your experience in real estate?

From 2000 – 2010: A real estate investor in the Orange County market.  This provided me with valuable experience in evaluating markets and thus acquiring undervalued homes, remodeling these homes based on certain guidelines, and marketing/selling the homes in both growing and declining markets.

From 2010 – Present: A real estate agent, originally based in the Coachella Valley (from Palm Springs to La Quinta) and more recently in my home county of Orange County.  This is advantageous for my sphere of influence also includes many people who want to relocate into the Temecula Valley.

Why did you get into real estate?

It was a natural progression based on what I discovered when I co-founded Pacific Fitness Corp. (PacFit), which designed, manufactured, and distributed exercise machines worldwide.  Reflecting on PacFit days, I realize to be successful one must follow their passion. Passion creates excitement, which leads to action and perseverance of doing whatever it takes to accomplish ones goals.  I also attribute PacFit success to the respectful way we handled all of our business relationships.  We truly honored our customers, demonstrated by open communication, a sincere interest in their concerns, and proclaiming that it was a privilege to work together.  Today, I bring that same entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, and dedication to the business of real estate.

My Commitment

“Let me passionately honor you as a client.  I will provide reliable, quick response service.  I will listen to determine your needs and desires.  I will provide clarity and partnership from start to finish.  My education focused on business economics, therefore, I enjoy analyzing the current market and utilizing this information to my clients advantage.  I will always strive to provide true value in your home ownership.  I thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you.”

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